Bees And Bomb Loading Animation Using SwiftUI

Animations are an easy way to show users the functionality hidden behind a beautiful wrapper.

Animations are quite an important part of any application because it draws user’s attention. An animation is simply a collection of images that are repeated at high speed, but animations can set your application apart.

With the appearance of SwiftUI Framework, the way of writing UI code has completely changed. Due to it’s Declarative Syntax creating UI has been made much simpler. It provides us a lot of features to develop our creativity. One of these features is related to animating state transitions.

This article will guide you to develop a cool bees and bomb loading animation using SwiftUI framework.

Let’s not waste time anymore and get started.


Creating an iOS Project

First create an iOS project and name it as BeesAndBombAnimation. Choose SwiftUI, from the Interface dropdown option as shown in the below image.

Creating a BeesAndBomb.swift File

Now create a new swift file with the name as BeesAndBomb and paste the below code.

Updating ContentView.swift File

Now open ContentView swift file and replace the existing code with the below code.

The code contains many dynamic properties to change the size, radius, animation duration etc. Feel free to play with them to have an animation effect of your convenience.

With this, we completed the Bees And Bomb Loading Animation tutorial. That’s All !!!.


In this article we learnt about how to created a bees And bomb loading animation using SwiftUI.

The source code for this tutorial can be found here.

If you finds these useful, feel free to clap and share this. Thanks for reading 😊.




iOS Developer

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Amit Palo

iOS Developer

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